Santiago Apóstol Parish Church

Santiago Apóstol Parish Church in Orihuela

Santiago Apóstol Parish Church in Orihuela

A vast and rich heritage, fruit of the significant history and culture of this city is preserved in churches, palaces, private collections and museums. The latter institutions are responsible for preservation, research and display of varied heritage made up of a multitude of artistic, archaeological, ethnological and technical objects.

It has a multitude of Cultural Interest Goods (CIG), among which the Santiago Apóstol Parish Church must be highlighted.

It is a gothic church with a single nave, with chapels between buttresses. Its Elizabethan Gothic style door displays the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs. The presbytery, with access in the form of an arch of triumph, is a renaissance work. The communion chapel is in the baroque style, with an interesting doorway to the exterior.


  • 7th century (circa 679) construction;
  • 16th century nave, (1545) sacristy, (1551) main chapel;
  • 18th century (1726-1757) communion chapel.

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