Guardamar Archaeological Museum (MAG)

Guardamar Archaeological Museum (MAG)

Guardamar Archaeological Museum (MAG)

The Guardamar Archaeological Museum is located in the Casa de Cultura. Inaugurated in 1989, it has renewed its museum displays in order to be able to convey its content to the increasingly diverse visiting public in a more understandable, attractive and informative way.

The content of the Museum is the product of its own activity, increasing with the archaeological elements from research carried out in the municipality of our village.

At a local level, the oldest elements come from the la Fonteta Phoenecian site and the Cabezo Pequeño del Estaño site.

In terms of Iberian culture, it displays a selection of terracotta from the Iberian sanctuary of Castillo, as well as grave goods from Cabezo Lucero. A notable item is a replica of the Iberian bust known as the Lady of Guardamar.

The Roman area is represented by a set of materials recovered from underwater.

In the Islamic area there is a reproduction showing an oratory cubicle and displaying a selection of materials from the same site, notably a collection of Islamic lamps from the Caliphate period.

The middle ages and modern area displays a significant collection of ceramics from the 14th to 19th centuries, from the village of Guardamar.

Finally, in the Ethnology Section, two of the most transcendental aspects of the recent history of this town are documented: urban development designed by Larramendi after the 1829 earthquake, and the reforestation of the dunes of Guardamar.


Address: C/ Colón, 60 Tel. 96 572 86 10
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 14:30 and from 17:30 to 20:30
Price: €1 (Archaeological Museum + Casa Museo Ingeniero Mira Ticket)

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